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Aug 4, 2007

Ringing of the Bards Poetry Carnival

"I scry with my little eye a poetry carnival"

Letting Go of You


This is not love, I tell him,
while tossing the bouquet aside,
for the love we knew could never be
something sweet. It is
a half dove and half wolf
painted on blue willow porcelain.
It is the sound of castanets
when the vase hits the floor
to break into the tiny pieces
I shall place inside my shoe
as my chosen pebble.


Mary pierces her own flesh. Pity
the poor lawyer who defends her memory.
He must learn to move this stone up-hill
in a trial from Einstein's nightmare
where he must factor in
lapsograph-tested suicide notes,
using the instrument of prayer
for a miracle that will change
his wife's last words to mean
this isn't farewell.

The Cast

This tale is made up of the titles of the poems submitted by this week's bards and directed by Rax, bard of Afterglow


Act I

  1. "This is not love" by bard Shakir Hasnain of The crimsonflaw lived to tell the tale
  2. "bouquet" by paisley, bard of ....why paisley????
  3. "the love we knew could never be" by gotpoetry bard AC French
  4. "something sweet" by the bard of The Shores of My Dreams, Sara
  5. "half dove and half wolf " by bard Terry McDermott of The Shamgar Report
  6. "blue willow porcelain" by Tiel Aisha Ansari bard of Knocking From Inside
  7. "castanets" by Steven Schroeder, the bard from poetry, philosophy, poetics...
  8. "chosen pebble" by Broken Crust (BC), the bard of The Fork of Ambiguity
Act II

  1. "Mary pierces her own flesh" by gotpoetry bard mayo
  2. "Pity the poor lawyer" brought to you by the bard Mad Kane
  3. "stone up-hill" by gotpoetry bard greygrynn
  4. "Einstein's nightmare" by Jonathan Chin, bard of Shared Haze
  5. "lapsograph" brought to you again by bard shakir hasnain of doktor lapse eternus
  6. "suicide" is from The Shores of My Dreams, by bard Sara
  7. "notes" by Shakir Hasnain, bard of mortarbled
  8. "words" is by bard Lisa of word-for-ward
  9. "this isn't farewell" by gotpoetry bard Hotstuff

is brought to you
by Billy, the Blogging Poet

This Ringing #47 was hosted by Soul Phantasms theater
Illustration Photo by Famtz

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